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1. Bicycles and the Big Bang

First, there was no matter. Then, there was matter. The process in which matter was created is known as the Big Bang. In this blog, an alternative to the Big Bang is described that makes use of the exact same information we have today. To make sure the setup for the model is clear, some structural thoughts need to be discussed first.

Imagine two bicycles. One of them stands outside the door of the garage, while the other is disassembled, its parts spread about the garage floor. The components for both bikes are identical, yet one combination can be used to ride around, where the other basically no longer exists as a functional bike.

In ordinary circumstances, the parts on the floor would not be called a bike. Rather, the parts such as the wheels, the chain and the frame, are discussed by their own names. The subject matter can be considered plural and diverse. The idea of a bike may float around in conversation.

Next, consider the Big Bang in light of the bicycle parts. Where the scattered bike parts are identical to that of the assembled unit standing outside the garage door, for the diverse matter of our universe there is no second model. 

Should there be a singular reality, when considering all matter? Is there a 'bike' in all of this? Or should we let the parts be the parts without conjuring a single whole? For understanding the alternative perspective on how the Big Bang information fits together, all matter in our universe can better be viewed at face value, and thus better be left unassembled for now.


Since Hubble's Law, the theory is that before there was matter (1) there was no matter (0). Yet the zero in this scenario is not identical to nothing. One important aspect about this simple scenario is not yet clearly presented, and without understanding its exact function there is no accuracy to the numbers.

To discuss the alternative model of the Big Bang, walk up this hill with me. We are taking steps up, going all the way to the top of the hill, walking around to enjoy some of the views, and then walking back down the hill again. In as far as height gains and losses go, this trip can be described as follows: +10, +30, +60, +20, 00, 00, 00, -10, -40, -50, -20, in yards or meters. Naturally, the interesting parts here are the zeros. While the 00s show there was no gain or loss in height, they collectively show a walking around at the top of the hill.

Only in its specific context does a zero get its meaning. In the described reality, the zeros are found at the highest point possible on our little walk. They do not declare there is nothing there. Rather, they declare that there is no height gain or loss. In similar fashion, the zero in zero materialization declares only that nothing is there based on the used context. In this case, the context is matter. Prior to the Big Bang there is no matter.

A popular scientific theory is that nothing existed before there was matter, that even time and space were born at the moment of the Big Bang. Yet it is only within the used context that a zero position is stated. Therefore, absolute information about what was before and outside of this context is not available. Declaring the previous state as non-existent is a stretch, not very informative, and we are missing out on some wonderful insights, too.

Scientists proclaiming that there was nothing prior to the Big Bang do show us how these good men and women were thinking. They united all information they had, declared that outcome everything, and placed nothing in opposition to it. While today they are trying to construct a 'bike' from the parts strewn on the garage floor, many scientists do not question the structure in which the story is told.


Imagine the 1 - 2 option and the 0 - 1 option as presented in the previous blog, in which there are always two ways to fill in an overall framework. Let's use these options to view the universe in two distinct ways

Admittedly, the distinction between the two descriptions is rather modest. One perspective holds an outwardly moving material universe that is based on unified principles, and the other perspective holds an outwardly moving material universe that is based on unifying principles. However minor, the distinction between these descriptions is important: one states unified principles, while in the other idea there is talk of unifying principles. In one, there is little space for zero. In the other, zero plays a major role.

Let's talk this through, using the Big Bang as the example. If we start with the first bowl containing a piece of fruit, then the universe starts out with matter. In this scenario, the Big Bang is a material expression occurring from a single moment and a single location that existed, as calculations show, some 13.82 billion years ago. This is the prevailing scientific theory.

But if we start instead with leaving the first bowl empty, the center contains time and space but materialization is not occurring yet. Only more outwardly, and only in the bowl next to the empty bowl, does materialization start to take shape. We can still call it the Big Bang, and it still fits the known facts. Yet where scientists see the starting point for the creation of matter, the alternative model has materialization starting both farther out and later. As a result, the material universe would then be younger than 13.82 billion years old, because it came into being later.  

How much younger the universe would be is not the most interesting question for this blog, and it would probably not be by much, astronomically speaking. Yet a nice placeholder for the first phase of materialization would be the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, which translates into subtracting 380,000 years of the universe's age.

When going back in time in the alternative model, an origin of the universe can be viewed in which the center did not experience materialization, and only farther out, at a distance of 380,000 light years in this example, does matter first occur. If it makes it easier to consider the delivered image, envision dark energy in the center area where materialization simply did not take place. Matter started to appear only outside this large ball of dark energy.


Before we end this first full blog on the Structure of Everything, let's take a closer look at Unity and review this special circumstance we hold in our minds once more.

Unity is related to the words unit, unite and united. They all point to number one, and the pure English word oneness can therefore be added to the list. Where Unity and oneness declare a state, unite points to the action of becoming one, and united points to the accomplished condition. It is not hard to recognize that united is something that is an established singular outcome, either as a natural result or man-made. 

Yet Unity, though based on the word for 1, does not exist until there are at least 2 components in a framework. Reviewing the 0 - 1 option in light of this perspective, there is simply no partner for 1 to unite with. Unity belongs therefore to the 1 - 2 option in which zero plays no role.


Let's examine Unity a bit more. The 13 states united themselves to secede from Britain and form the United States. In our minds we may hold this as a singular action in time and place. Yet the men and women living in these states that disagreed and ended up moving to British-held territories in the north and south are often not mentioned. 

Where we claim there is Unity, a situation of factual separation may have occurred. It is not uncommon to find Unity in a position opposing some other form of Unity. A nice complicating aspect is that the people forming the United States remained united in speaking the English language, just like the folks that had moved north or south of the new border. Any form of Unity has its own specific, overarching yet limited realm.

Though the word clearly declares a singular aspect, Unity contains in all cases various parts. The bicycle components, for instance, ARE strewn on the floor of the garage. Yet after assembling the parts we have a bike that IS beautiful. The larger overall entity became singular in outcome, even when its building blocks will never be singular.  

Finally, consider using the largest of frameworks possible. Isn't it true that we can declare that everything IS perfect, that the universe IS beautiful, and that God IS great? Note how none of these words says 'bike', as in fully assembled. Yet with each of these words, we are able to conjure an overall reality, declare it as singular, and provide it a name that has meaning indeed. Still, these nouns contain an artificial quantity of one (1) in their nature, because each of these singular words points to a diverse reality in which many of the components remain either unassembled or are simply not fully identified.

Though clearly understood by all, Unity can sometimes hang in the air, with not all of its parts based on solid grounds. In the next blog, the ancient maxim As Above, So Below is examined to discover more insights involving this aspect. It will help shine a light on what happened before the Big Bang delivered us matter.


At any overall level, there is a choice for starting with an empty bowl or with a bowl that already contains something. There are no overall structures that do not contain this choice, and this can be described with the 0 - 1 option.  

What can be found at the top of a hill is, for instance, 00, as a declaration that the framework delivers in specifics no further directions. Or we can find 1 as the result, such as with an assembled bike or a newly created nation. Yet starting out from nothing, or beginning with a Unity from which all arrived? Not a good chance. Neither 0 nor 1 exists all by itself as the framework for the Structure of Everything. Yet together, they miraculously form the basis.

In the next blog the maxim As Above, So Below is examined and the 0 - 1 option is shown to be the correct framework for Everything. 

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